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Traditional Wooden


Eurostyle (thermo-plastic)

Wood Species

Customizing your kitchen begins with choosing not just the style but also the wood used for the construction of your cabinets. The descriptions that follow may help you choose the right wood for your home:


Colour: Rich, reddish-brown. Cherry darkens considerably with age and exposure to sunlight

Grain: Straight-grained and satiny. Small gum pockets produce distinctive markings

Characteristics: Light and strong, Cherry’s grain is more subdued than some other hardwood species, with very interesting character


Colour: Cream to light reddish brown

Grain: Usually straight-grained and sometimes found with highly figured bird’s eye or burl grain

Characteristics: Heavy, hard and strong, close-grained and possesses a uniform texture. Maple has an excellent resistance to abrasion and indentation

Red Oak
Red Oak

Colour: Ranges from nearly white cream colour to a beautiful warm, pale brown heartwood, tinted with red

Grain: There are many distinct grains patterns that emerge such as pin stripes, fine lines and leafy grains

Characteristics: Heavy, very strong and very hard, durable under exposure, great wear resistance


Colour: Cream or lightly tinged with red

Grain: Fine grained (often curly or wavy)

Characteristics: Heavy, strong, hard and even textured

Wood Finishes

What finish best suits the character of your kitchen? Warm or cool; light or dark; rich or subtle – it’s up to you! NuWay offers a wide variety of finishes to suit every design scheme:

  • S. AntiqueS. Antique
  • PeppercornPeppercorn
  • PaprikaPaprika
  • MediumMedium
  • GingerGinger
  • EspressoEspresso
  • CoffeeCoffee
  • CocoaCocoa
  • CayenneCayenne
  • CarawayCaraway

Nuway offers a beautiful palette of stained finishes that enhance the natural character and grain of the wood species. Our superior stains and finishes are applied by automated German machinery.  This leading edge technology is designed to prevent blotching during the staining process that provides a furniture finish, recognized as the Nuway difference in the cabinet industry.

Accented Glazed Finishes

An accented glazed finish can be applied with stain and painted wood.  Glaze is an ‘artistic’ hand applied technique that will exhibit subtle and unique variations.  This type of glazing is applied only along profile and edges.


Contemporary & Stylish

<strong>Contemporary</strong> & Stylish

The Possibilities are Endless

Painted finishes have gained popularity in recent years for their classic styling and expansive colour palette. Some homeowners select paint for their entire kitchen, while others choose it as an accent for an island or a range hood.

Whatever your passion, painted cabinetry from NuWay will be sure to ignite your inner artist.



Benjamin Moore

European Inspired

<strong>European</strong> Inspired


Looking for that unique, european style? Thermoform cabinetry offers a colorful array of high gloss and acrylic options. Whether it’s brightening up a bathroom with an eye catching orange, or energizing your kitchen with a splash of green, thermoform will highlight your individuality and bring out your fun side.


Thermo - Plastic

This type of finish requires two main components: thermoplastic (PVC), for the aesthetic coating shell and MDF (pine fibre), for the core structure.

Thermoplastic (PVC), is a polymer compound manufactured without pollutant emissions, using a water-based adhesion process allowing for a manufacturing process that is also emission free. Thermoplastic can be recuperated and is 100% recyclable. The cut-out leftover pieces from the manufacturing process are bundled and sent to a recycling facility.

MDF is made of 100% recycled or salvaged wood particles, amalgamated using a preparation of resin, that can be urea formaldehyde free.




Variety and durability are first and foremost in Thermofoil MDF cabinetry. With a palatte of colors and wood grain wraps, and limitless combinations of door styles and profiles to choose from, thermofoil will be sure to let your creativity run wild.


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