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NuWay Kitchens Limited was founded in 1967 by Harvey Short Sr. the initiative to focus on custom-built cabinetry that was durable, artistic and reasonably priced, has resulted in an outstanding and proven reputation in both renovation and new home construction.

With Harvey’s persistence and vision, Nuway’s first plant opened in 1970, with three employees and a single order for a bookcase. It wasn’t long before demand grew and distribution began throughout Newfoundland and Labrador, and Atlantic Canada. The unique and exceptional products manufactured by Nuway’s trades people continued the growth in the 70’s and 80’s – leading to seven additions to the original plant.

It has always been the goal of management at Nuway to acquire the latest technology in both equipment and software, ensuring we’d provide superior results that exceeded customer expectations.

In 1989, the continued growth of Nuway led to construction efficiently, purchasing larger CNC equipment, and leading
edge technology.

In 1990, Nuway established a separate entity called Horizon Laminates Ltd. which manufactures mass produced Post Form Countertops for the Atlantic Canadian region.  This has enabled Nuway to establish an end-to-end operation, with all of the components of our kitchens ‘made right here’ at home.  In 2011, to further add to the demands and product offering of this unique company, Horizon purchased CNC equipment to fabricate granite and quality stone countertops.

In 2001, an addition to the present facility expanded Nuway’s cabinet door manufacturing capabilities.  While Nuway had been manufacturing cabinet doors since 1985, we remain one of the only cabinet companies that build our own cabinet doors.

With further demand for showroom and design facilities, a further addition to the present facility was built in 2011, adding a second storey to the building, housing corporate offices and the ability to display even more innovative cabinetry.

Whether for a new home or renovation, Nuway Kitchens provides a total kitchen package; an excellent investment in both the value and enjoyment of your home.

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